Anglicare Retirement Villages Computer Club Inc.

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About Us
Membership of the Anglicare Retirement Villages Computer Club
Inc., is only available to residents of Anglicare Retirement Villages,


A joining Fee of $15.00 and an Annual Fee of $25.00. Membership is free to residents of Anglicare Residential Aged Care Facilities.

The Club has a Contactless payment receiver at the reception desk. We encourage payments by touch and go credit/debit card rather than cash, for convenience and to reduce risk of
Covid contact through notes and coinage.


On the first Tuesday of each month the club holds a monthly meeting at 1:30 pm in the Menzies Room on the First Floor at the Fillingham Centre in Broughton Avenue. Meetings commence with a presentation, generally covering a wide range of interests, followed by a brief Club monthly Meeting.
These meetings are open to all residents and friends.
Afternoon tea afterwards.

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The Club maintains a large range of equipment and services for members. Click the heading for more information

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We also have saleable items that are available to everyone.
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The club has the capacity to convert slides, photos and video tapes to DVDs to preserve those precious memories.
Contact the club for further information.


A significant range of genealogy information is available in the Club
rooms for your Family History research. Skilled assistance is available with your personal research.

Committee, Volunteers,
Village Representatives

Russ Weekley,  Don Mayfield
Lynton Bradford (Vice President, Website)
Melanie Rankin (Secretary, Public  officer)   
Clare Hamilton (Training)   
Neil Davidson (President, Newsletter   
and Guest Speakers)
Geoff Litchfield (Membership) 
Trevor Arnett (Village Rep)   
Elizabeth Pedersen (Treasurer)  
John Gaffey (Genealogy)  
Jeanette Westley  (Village Rep)  
Vacant (Village Rep)  
Glenhaven Green
Jan Andrews (Village rep)

Computer Club and meeting rooms
Lober House
Club rooms,
Fillingham Centre,
Menzies room and Gatehouse
The Gatehouse - meetings
Welcome to Lober House
Lober Drive, Anglicare Villages,Castle Hill, NSW, 2154
Ground floor,          Northern End
Contact us by email at :-

Opening hours ----
Tuesday 9.00 am to 12 noon
Thursday 9.00 am to 12 noon
Phone: 02 8853 1810
Emergency backup 0490 554 278