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                                 Past Guest Speakers 2018-2021

Clive Small (Former NSW Deputy Police Commissioner)
Kathryn Gene (Beyond Blue)
Rick McCosker (Former test cricketer and former Catholic Chaplain of the Port of Newcastle)
Heather Lee (NSW Senior of the Year 2019)
David Rosenberg (Pine Gap - The Inside Story of the NSA in Australia)
Dr Brendan Nelson (Director AWM)
Stephanie Dartnell (Family & Friends of Missing persons Unit NSW Dept of Justice)
Katherine Greiner (RV Ambassador NSW)
Christine Burke (International mountaineer)
Greg Jackson & Pam Rodgers (Australian National Maritime Museum)
Dr Munjed Al Muderis (World Acclaimed Orthopaedic Surgeon)
Dr Suzanne Packer (2019 Senior Australian of the Year)
Geoff Roberts (Commissioner Greater Sydney Commission)
Julie Beadle & Michael Spikemans (MARC Institute, Uni Western Syd)
Jim Gibbons (President RVRA, NSW)
Hugh Mackay (Psychologist, sociologist & social researcher)
Laura Reeves (Anglicare Nutritionist)
Noel Braun (Walking the Camino Trail)
Joanne Bolk (Arthritis & Osteoporosis NSW)
Marie Palmer (Rediscovering Our Sydney Harbour Gems)
Dr Kate Van Doore (Orphanage Trafficking & Modern Slavery)
Dr Parsons (Compassion meditations)
Geoff Gebhart (Online shopping and banking)
Dr Catherine Barrett (Founder & Director, Celebrate Ageing)
"Wills, Power of Attorneys, Enduring Guardians and Elder Abuse "

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Michelle Gosewinckel
"Navigating My Aged Care"
Judy Christian, Psychologist on behalf of COTA (NSW Council of the Ageing).

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