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February 2021

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Technical Problems and Advice

Information technology now covers such a large range of systems, devices, programs and communication that there are an almost infinite range of problems, or questions which can arise. Fortunately there is a source of a vast range of information which can help in many instances, Google search.


While there is information available from many sources,
 Googling for an answer can usually find the solution.     

When typing in a question to Google, if you don’t find what you need, change your question. Google looks for keywords and tries to relate them in importance. For example:-

“My Internet connection is not working”
         - note: “My” is irrelevant here.
“ NBN is not connecting”
“ NBN down”   
These 3 searches give quite different answers.

Be Connected

Be Connected is a Government site offering
 a vast range of guidance, training and general
 information on most aspects of computers,
 mobile phones, and the Internet.

This is an excellent website, easy to navigate to find information and lessons.  The lessons are short, mostly supported by a short video and best of all,  each offers a “Handy printable Guide”.

Click- Be Connected

Suggest you select “Topics” and then either type in a search, or explore the extensive list of topics.  

Here are 2 examples to click:-

Apple iPhones

Android Phones

Using trusted company support services

If you are seeking direct product or service company support such as Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Canon, HP, Lenovo etc, be careful to connect to the true company site rather than an advertised service.  

For example if you search for “Windows support” the first 3 answers which appear are from other organisations which may offer downloads of programs you don’t need and which can cause trouble. If you do use these sites, for information, avoid any downloads

Check the actual site address for example Windows is:-

Windows Support

The original company support is the one you can trust.

Calling for support - using “Chat”

This is just a great option,highly recommended

 We often need to call our suppliers like Internet  Service Providers, Telstra, Optus, etc, Banks, and similar organisations where we have accounts.  

Using the normal phone in services can be difficult, working through a series of dialling numbers and then hearing —-
we are experiencing a high volume of calls etc” .

A better alternative is to use the “Chat” option
where it is available.  There is an example from
 the NAB site. You click on the Chat icon usually
on the bottom right like this one.  

Note: you need to be signed in to your account.

Typically you get a message like
“Hi this is Jane how can I help?”

You simply type in your query (a good idea to give your name),
    and press Enter.

In a less than a minute you usually get the first reply.  This continues as a text conversation of questions and answers until you are satisfied. This could take from just a few minutes or as long as needed, even an hour or so, if you are receiving detailed instructions.  

The huge benefits are:-

1. Generally the first and subsequent responses are less than a minute

2. You don’t have a problem with language or hearing

3. You have clear, written instructions

4. At the end of the call you can receive a full copy of the conversation emailed to you.  

Help for people with disabilities

Accessible Telecoms -Ideas”

This not for profit organisation provides free services and assistance for people with disabilities, their supporters and the community.

Suitable equipment, services available, advice and much more

Website:- IDEAS Home - click

Phone: 1800 029 904

Text: 0458 296 602

See also our Tutorial and Tips page for more assistance.

Click this heading to access

“For most people, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.”

- Mary Pat Radabaugh Director of IBM National Support Center for Persons with Disabilities

Assistive Technology Australia

Is a not for profit organisation providing free information service to anyone needing advice on Assistive Technology solutions, home modifications and design ideas.

It does not sell devices or provide direct services, but provides advice on how to choose products and services. It can provide contact information on companies who offer those products and services.

Windows 10 Updates

Problems with Windows 10 updates is one of the major reasons members our members have been seeking advice.

Computer stopped
Some updates can take 2 hours or more. We suggest leaving the computer for at least 2 hours, even overnight.  

If it hasn’t restarted then press the ON/OFF switch for 20 seconds, wait 20 seconds and press the ON/OFF to start.

Update Error
If you receive and update error, or the update repeats the same update with “failed” you can download the
 Windows Update Troubleshooter    and run that.

September 2020
Computer very slow starting
Printer not working

As at September some computers are still being effected - slow starting

A Windows update in July this year caused either or both these problems on some computers.

To correct this go to Windows Updates, check and install Updates.

An update a few days later made corrections, but it doesn’t always install automatically so you need to do it manually.