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February 2021

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Responding to the COVID-10 Emergency

We are asked to keep 1.5m separation when out and about to reduce the spread of infection and for our own safety. It is still important to maintain social contact and have ways to keep the mind active.  The Internet, computers and mobile phones can provide the tools to do maintain these functions.

Here are 5 suggestions to help at this worrying time:-

1. Social Contact with family and friends.

Phone call and texting can keep you in contact, but face to face
 video chatting where you can both talk and see each other person is much more personal. One on one is great for private conversations, but video group chats with family or friends can be even more rewarding.

Video chats can be made using mobile phones, laptops and most tablets.

Maybe your younger family members are already using one or more of these options, if not the following Internet links demonstrate and/or describe some of the ways you could start a group video chat.

Whats app video

Google Hangouts

Group video chats

Skype Group video calling

Snap Chat

Facebook  Messaging


2. Banking and Buying electronically

At this critical time this is arguably the most important facility for us to manage our “stay at home” life. To be able to buy goods and services with your phone or computer and have them delivered without leaving home.

We still have to eat and replenish medical supplies. Much safer to order food, meals or other essentials for home delivery, than visit shops.

 For more information click - Banking presentation

Banking safely: Australian banks must guarantee you against loss through scams for credit/debit card and online banking.

Another important recommendation is to use contactless transactions rather than cash.  Notes and coins are handled many times and Covid-19 or other virus can live on notes and coins for several days.

China has now setup continuous sterilisation of notes.

Use “Tap and Go” card payments, to avoid handling cash for protection of yourself and checkout operators. Some businesses are now accepting electronic payments only, which is legal providing customers are advised before the transaction.

When making Internet purchases eBay and Paypal  can be used to provide added security and protection. For more information click eBay-Paypal .  

3. Digital books and Online Reading

This opens up a almost limitless access to all types of information.

Reading can be both entertaining and informative. Many millions of articles covering every possible topic are available on the Internet and also as digital books from libraries and other sources

Here are links to some of them:-

NSW State Library

Free books after registering, plus extensive online information.

Amazon Kindle Books

Free and purchased books,

Castle Hill Library

Free books after registering


Over 60,000 free books - many old masters.

4. Other Internet entertainment

Search and click on say Venice or France then select “Videos”.  Go searching for Travel videos.  You can travel the world without leaving home. YouTube videos are available free with an initial advert, (usually only a few seconds). You can pay a small monthly fee to eliminate the adds.

  Click here for Lynton’s presentation:

 Travel the World Without leaving Home”.  

This article has interactive links you can click to view travel videos.

Here are two examples (click to view)

Machu Pichu

Exploring India

5. Feeling Stressed or Upset?

With al the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 many can worry or feel stressed. Some helpful advice from the The World Health Organisation and Australia’s own Beyond Blue is accessible by clicking on the following link:

       Beyond blue

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Check scams, Report scams Click

Be aware of phone call threats –

Recorded messages warning of imprisonment or penalties.

DO NOT respond in any way.

Just hang up.

NSW Service

Seniors Health Card Rebate of $200

for 2020/2021 now open

Click HERE to connect
to apply

This rebate is available yearly.
You need to remember to reapply
 after July 1 each year.

You will need on hand -

          1. Your Seniors Health Card
          2. Your Energy bill
          3. Your bank account details

Note: This rebate only applies to seniors health card holders, Pensioners and others receive automatic rebates

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