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How to make a WhatsApp video chat - click here ("Android" displays by default, then click on the item you need help on)

How to write your Life story - click here

Assistive Technology

  • For most people, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.

  • Go to the NDIS website for a detailed explanation of how Assistive Technology can help you - click here

Calling for Support - using "Chat"

  • This is just a great option, highly recommended.

  • We often need to call our suppliers like Internet Service Providers, Telstra, Optus, etc, Banks, and similar organisations where we have accounts.  

  • Using the normal phone in services can be difficult, working through a series of dialling numbers and then hearing - ”we are experiencing a high volume of calls etc” .

  • A better alternative is to use the “Chat” option
    where it is available.  There is an example from
    the NAB site. You simply click on the Chat icon usually
    located on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Note: you need to be signed in to your account.
Typically you get a message like
“Hi this is Jane how can I help?”

You simply type in your query (a good idea to give your name and press Enter.
In a less than a minute you usually get the first reply.  This continues as a text conversation of questions and answers until you are satisfied. This could take from just a few minutes or as long as needed, even an hour or so, if you are receiving detailed instructions.  

The huge benefits are:-
1. Generally the first and subsequent responses are less than a minute
2. You don’t have a problem with language or hearing
3. You have clear, written instructions
4. At the end of the call you can receive a full copy of the conversation emailed to you.

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