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February 2021

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Tutorials and Tips

Tutorials and Tips for using your software or hardware.

  Click the blue headings to open each link.

Backing Up

You can always copy and paste files or folders to a USB. This is fine for selected files or folders.

But for complete systems Windows Back and restore provides several tools and options.

Another efficient App is SyncBack from 2Brightsparks Pty Ltd a very adaptable and efficient backup program.

Click the links for access.

Working with PDF files

This link shows how to print to PDF files.  PDF files are a universal format for sharing documents as all platforms, Windows, Apple, Linux, Android devices are all capable of reading PDF files. It can be printed or viewed.

Word 2007 and later

A guide to getting the most out of Word 2007, also applies to later versions with minor changes. It can be printed or viewed.

Writing Life Stories

A simple guide to writing your life story. It can be printed or viewed.

Everything You Need to Know About Using iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo Library

This link is to an Internet page of detailed information

Windows 10 video Tutorial

Click this link to a video tutorial on the new Windows 10 operating system.  
It is quite long at 23 minutes, but an excellent step by step explanation.

Also go to our web page “Important news” to read our Club notes on Windows 10.

Windows Tutorials

This link takes you to many  CGFLearnfree tutorials.

CGFLearnfree is an excellent website for free tutorials covering a wide range of subjects.   There are videos, displays and print versions.

Tablets and Smartphones

History - The history of mobile phones

What is a mobile device?  – Explanation of Tablets, Phones, eReaders and the operating systems

Android systems

These tutorials can be printed or just viewed here

Android phone general user guide

Introduction Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

iPads and iPhones

iPhones the basics

You can view videos or scroll down for written tutorials.

General introduction and much more

Can be printed or viewed.

Why do I need an iPad?

iPhone camera features

This website has advertising

 Managing Photos & enhancement

       Using the free program Irfanview

Note: This series of lessons refer to sample photos. These sample photos are available from the club, but you can use these lessons on your own photos.

Converting PDF files for use on Kindle reader

This tip explains how to convert stories in PDF form
to files suitable for use on Kindle readers.

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Check scams, Report scams

Click here

Banking and Buying
Safely on the Internet

Banking on the Internet is now the most efficient and practical way of managing money. Banks are progressively reducing branch banking and many banks no longer have branches.

Click here for Banking on the Internet.

Online shopping is now becoming more common for access to a greater selection and lower costs.
Click here for
Using eBay and Paypal for information on how to shop on the Internet safety and reliably.

Scroll down for more

NSW Service

Seniors Health Card Rebate of $200

for 2020/2021 now open

Click HERE to connect
to apply

This rebate is available yearly.
You need to remember to reapply
 after July 1 each year.

You will need on hand -

          1. Your Seniors Health Card
          2. Your Energy bill
          3. Your bank account details

Note: This rebate only applies to seniors health card holders, Pensioners and others receive automatic rebates

Keeping fit at home

Being confined to home creates a problem — how to keep fit.

Here are exercise programs & videos which you can use, just click:-

NSW Active Seniors

Brows these websites
for other exercises


Standing exercises

Low Impact

Core Strengthening

101 things to do
when stuck at home

101 things - Connect here

Watch, learn, visit, cook, explore, exercise (body and brain), listen, watch, relax, have fun and more.