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Welcome to the ARV Computer Club website.  We aim to provide services and assistance for residents at Castle Hill and Glenhaven Green.

We provide members with a space where they can easily share information about getting a better hand on the use of devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. We also provide assistance on understanding how better to use the internet for obtaining information about such things as government services, health and fitness, online libraries and church services, to name but a few.


Join our Computer Club to stay up to date with how technology can assist you in your daily living.


Click here to read an account of the Club from its beginnings in 1999 to the present day.


  • This web site is basically a reference point for all sorts of information that users might find helpful.

  • Navigation is via series of easy to use menus / sub-menus that can direct you to the information you might be seeking.  For example:

    • menu is titled "Events"

    • one of the sub-menus might be titled "What's On" while another might be titled "Past Events", which might have something about a recent celebration, or the like.

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