Anglicare Retirement Villages Computer Club Inc.

We are here to help
If you are using a mobile phone or tablet to read this website,
please hold it in the horizontal attitude.
Greeting cards
A large range of greeting cards is available for purchase with envelopes, Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Get well, Sympathy.
Come in and browse our selection.
Still only $1.00 ea
Personalized cards can also be designed and ordered.  Photos can be added.
Name badges
Round metal badges with either a pin or magnet fastenings are available for order.  
$3 00 for pin - $6.00 for magnet
We can make one at a time
Or in quantity for groups and Clubs.  
USB sticks and SD cards
16GB USB - $12.00
64MB (small capacity) - $3.00
Various SD cards
Stylus  $2.00 ea
Mobile phones and tablets are not designed for seniors older fingers with wrinkles.
A stylus makes makes tapping
 so much easier.
Mouse pads - $4.00
High quality mouse pads,
Smooth easy glide surface for mouse.
Gripping surface to stick to desktop
Wallet Magnifiers
 2 for $1.00
A credit card sized magnifier, slips into wallet or purse.

VHS and vinyl conversion
A service at reasonable rates is available for the conversion of VHS tapes and vinyl records to DVDs and CDs.
Colourful Rhinestone lanyards.
Join the latest fashion!!  
Useful as a name card holder, key holder
or your USB flash drive.      $5.00 each
Club Librbay

A range of user guides and manuals for computers.  Many “Dummies” Guides, easy step by step tutorials.
Genealogy Resources

Online access to
This is a free resource for members,
at the Club WiFi - the full world version.

There is also a large collection of research material available at the club, NSW BDM CDs, some other States, many UK CDs books and other material.  Also printed lessons to help with doing research covering PAF and Legacy programs.

We can also advise on the Legacy program
35mm Slide Converter to SD card
A 35mm slide converter is available for members to save valuable old slides to digital photo files.
Preserve your valuable family slides.
PAYMENTS: The Club has a Contactless payment receiver at the reception desk.
We encourage payments by touch and go credit/debit card rather than cash, for convenience and to reduce risk of Covid contact through notes and coinage